Conan O'Brien - Needle Felted Wool

I think I have found my calling! Celebrity Felt Alive - Hmm...

Needle Felted Conan O'Brien

This is so new for me - I am in my mid forties and never realized I had any kind of artistic abilities - that is until I discovered needle felting - two years ago! I am having so much fun with it - My new Li'l Conan is really a Felt Alive star. Somehow I captured Conan in wool - from his piercing look in his eyes, right down to his swagger, this truly is Mini Conan.

Li'l Conan is a HUGE FAn of the real Conan O'Brien and he plays in front of the tv every time Conan is on - it's hilarious. He dreams of being Conan's little desk buddy on his new Tonight Show....a li'l fella can dream...

What's going on here?

Conan and his horse??

Here is a little video so you can see how lifelike Li'l Conan is!