Reverse Barb Felting Needles

reverse barb felting needles

Just when I thought needle felting couldn't get any cooler, our felting needle manufacturer sent us a sample of this nifty felting needle with backwards barbs.  It pulls fiber out instead of felting it in!

I love the special effects it can create on the surface of my felted projects when I can pull blended colors of the wool out from the core.

It's known as a reverse barb felting needle but I call it the UNfelter.

These cool needle felting tools are available at Felt Alive!

Needle Felted Dog by Felt Alive Customer Felt by Liza

"Kay, I promised to send a photo of my first dog using your reversed barb needle. I won't be without this magic needle ever again. It certainly does the job. Dogs head core in grey. Grey pulled out to create a grey muzzle. I could never get this effect without the reverse barb."