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ALL the goodies you need for the Felt Alive Dolls video!

bundled in a convenient needle felting kit

Complete Needle Felting Kit to make ONE 10" - 12" needle felted doll.  (two are shown as examples of the project.)  Colors will vary.
Dolls not included (you get to make your own :) 

This kit includes core wool batting, flesh toned batting, dyed batting, merino roving, prefelt, hand-dyed wool strips for eyes and blush, white wool for teeth and eyes.   You'll get six of our fab color-coded felting needles, felting sticks and a foam felting pad with a cover.  PLUS you can include the 4 Disc DVD set for no extra charge!  If you are watching online, this kit makes it easy to follow along.    already have a pad and needles?  wool bundle available 

RECOMMENDED SUPPLIES (not included in kit)
Small Pair of Scissors
Sharp, Sturdy Sewing Needle - at least 3" long works best
Your Imagination!

This Complete Needle Felting Kit Includes DVD, Wool Bundle and Accessory Pack

Watch on DVD

4 disc set - over 10 hours of professional instruction.

Wool Bundle

Already have supplies? plenty of wool to make one 10"- 12" Felt Alive Needle Felted Doll!

Foam felting pad with cover, felting sticks and 6 felting needles color-coded to accompany all Felt Alive Videos

Did you know that for one low price you can watch this video along with the entire lineup of Felt Alive Videos?
Create Some Magic with Felt Alive Video

Needle Felted Dolls

learn how to needle felt dolls with felt alive video - on dvd and online needle felting kits available

Felt Alive's Most Popular Needle Felting Workshop

Happy girl with needle felting
Ik heb de cd's ontvangen en ze zijn super! Elke CD bevat duidelijke uitleg en je kan zelf als een beetje handig bent gewoon een schitterende pop maken want al versta je geen engels het uitleggen is zo duidelijk dat dat echt niets uitmaakt. I resevide the CD's and i was sepriced how easy it was to follow the insturctions. (even if you dont speak englisch at all) You can make a beatyfull doll with only see the movie on the cd and thats enough.
Reviewed by: from Sexbierum Holland. on 10/23/2015
Took My Skills to a New Level (and it was FUN)
My first DVD workshop from Kay and Felt Alive was the Santa one (reviewed) and I knew I HAD to order the full doll workshop. And I'm SO GLAD I did! It was everything I expected and hoped it would be. This workshop is easy to follow along, has wonderful examples and tips, and I learned a great deal from it! It has really amped up my needle felting skills, and confirmed to me that sculptural needle felting the Felt Alive way is my favorite way to create nearly living characters! I loved that during the DVD, Kay showed options and usually several ways to achieve the best end results, and she was very good and consistent with going over techniques, even more than once, to be sure the basics were solidly learned. And I think my favorite thing, and best lesson learned, was Kay's gentle and persistent message that the wool leads the journey of your end product. That no two characters (not even two of your own work) are ever the same, and that we should be comfortable and enjoy the imperfections and variations that working with a living fiber can bring. Hands down, this was the best video lesson I've found for teaching needle felting. If you were to learn nothing but what Kay teaches on this workshop, you could make anything!
Reviewed by:  from Chehalis, WA. on 5/11/2015
New Felter
Wow this kit ia amazing! You could not ask for a better tutorial! Fantastic DVDs that you can learn along with and learn Kay's tricks and tips. She is an enjoyable narrator/teacher. A must for anyone learning to felt! Michelle ツ
Reviewed by: from Seattle area. on 2/10/2014

Because learning how is always easier when you use quality materials and supplies, we've put together a fabulous kit with everything you need to get started on your needle felting adventure! This Kit includes Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool and our color-coded felting needles to make it super easy for you to follow along.

What's in the Kit??

  • 2 oz Core Wool
  • 2 oz Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool  Flesh Tone
  • 2 oz Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool (4 colors)
  • 2 10x10" Sheet Merino Prefelt
  • Detail Kit
  • wool for hair (2) 16" length roving
  • Half-Size Felting Pad
  • Felting Needle 6 Pack

Felt Alive 'Droits'

Needle Felted Forest Creatures

Felt Alive 'Droits' is available in the following formats:

3 Disc Set - $39.95

Watch Online!
Included with a subscription to The Needle Felters Workshop  $39.95

Includes Guide to Resources and Supplies