If I Don't Do It Somebody Else Will - Dr. John figure #drjohn

Dr. John is a custom doll commission.  I just happened to big a longtime fan of his music which made the project even more fun.  Needle felted out of 100% wool, I stab loose wool fibers into tight wool felt using barbed felting needles.  With the exception of his Madrone wood walking stick, li'l Dr. John is solid felted wool.  He is fully jointed and flexes and bends with a natural range of motion.

Dr. John

Here is Dr. John posing with some of the other Felt Alive Crew.  

This photo makes my craft look rather odd. In the process of dressing my doll, I often cover the head from plastic to protect the details while I work.  And I'm not sure why li'l Willie Nelson is looking in.   Gotta love my Felt Alive Felting Pad! 

Commission an original Felt Alive caricature of YOUR favorite person!

whoopi with her custom felt alive whoopi caricature figure

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