Needle Felted Doll Making Video Tutorial - needle felt some Fairies with me!!

Felt Alive Needle Felted Fairies

Needle Felted Doll Making Course with Kay Petal

a magical journey into the art of needle felting

Here is a preview for my brand new needle felting video tutorial!!  Join me at my felting pad for a 9 hour long journey into the magic of sculpting wool with a barbed needle.

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Learning how to needle felt dolls has never been easier.

Felt Alive Needle Felting Videos are perfect for beginners - with no high speed sequences to leave you guessing, you can follow along as I explain every single step along the way.

Needle felted fairy doll
Screenshot from video!  I'll teach you how to needle felt while you follow along, bringing a needle felted Fairy Doll to life.  Follow me and Felt Alive!

learning how to needle felt is fun and easy - make a felted fairy doll today
Needle Felted Fairy Doll
She came to life in my new needle felting video tutorial!

the model felted fairy doll in needle felting tutorial
Needle Felted Fairy Doll
She is the model fairy in my new needle felting video tutorial!
follow along as these fully jointed needle felted dolls magically come to life!
Learn the secrets of needle felting faces with needle felted eyes, teeth, blush and shading.  You'll make fully jointed bodies without any sewing or wire armatures by constructing and joining a series of needle felted parts.  You'll learn to build up the features of her body with a layer of skin colored wool.  Finally, you'll get her dressed, make her wings and give her some hair.  Then your Fairy will be be free to flutter!

Felt Alive Needle Felted Fairy Doll - learn how with needle felting videos
I caught one!
these sweet little things will get you hooked on needle felting forever!

She's waiting for you to bring her to life!

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