Felt Alive Needle Felting Tips - Foam Felting Pads

I spend a good deal of time answering needle felting questions from people just getting started so I've decided to try something new to share with my readers!

Etsy user Mrs. W wrote:

"My question is about felting pad that comes with the kit.
Does this pill after repeated use? I have a piece of green foam I got at Joann's fabric. And after a while it has started to release little pieces of it into wool and on projects, which is really annoying. So I was looking to see in the market what is recommended and why? Thanks for your time and attention. Kindest regards, Mrs. W."

Hello Mrs. W,

I know what you mean. I started out using regular upholstery foam and yuck! There is nothing worse than picking tiny pieces of ugly foam off of a beautiful felted wool creation. That's what led me to find the firm foam I use now.

Firm Needle Felting Foam Pad

The pads I use are quite a bit firmer than the green foam from Joanne's and are more durable. The foam can still break down but not nearly as fast.

Needle Felting on a Foam Pad covered with craft felt

A great trick is to cover your foam with craft felt (the cheap stuff - Joanne's sells it in 9x12 sheets) and when it gets covered with bits of wool, just replace it with a clean piece of felt. It's like you have a brand new felting pad. And it extends the life of your pad AND you will never have bits of foam stuck to your art.

Other reasons I use firmer foam -
Projects don't bounce as much - it is much easier on my eyes if my project isn't bouncing.
Easier to clean - I use a rubber lint brush to clean mine.
Needles don't travel as far into dense foam - keeping your needles out of your foam as much as possible when you are working extends the life of your pad.

I hope this helps! Thanks so much.

Kay Petal
Felt Alive Wool Sculptures