Needle Felted Treasures

Sharing my love of needle felting has so very many rewards.  But since most of what I do is online, I do find a sense of sensory deprivation from it all because rarely do I get the opportunity to actually touch and admire my students' creativity in person.  That's why I get so giddy with joy when a warm fuzzy (literally) arrives at my door.  Oh boy!  Needle felted art always looks so much more amazing in person than in photos and I treasure my collection from my talented friends in needle felting all around the world.   Here is a sneak peek at a small part of my needle felted art collection - I hope the creators of these works know that I cherish each and every piece and show them off to visitors every chance I get.  And if you see your art, I'd love you to leave a comment and tell everyone about it!

So amazing and so fun! 

There are so many stories here - including the picture frame!

Such happy, warm little needle felted fuzzies!

Li'l Cat Stevens was a joint international effort by five amazing needle felters.