Needle Felted Treasures

Sharing my love of needle felting has so very many rewards.  But since most of what I do is online, I do find a sense of sensory deprivation from it all because rarely do I get the opportunity to actually touch and admire my students' creativity in person.  That's why I get so giddy with joy when a warm fuzzy (literally) arrives at my door.  Oh boy!  Needle felted art always looks so much more amazing in person than in photos and I treasure my collection from my talented friends in needle felting all around the world.   Here is a sneak peek at a small part of my needle felted art collection - I hope the creators of these works know that I cherish each and every piece and show them off to visitors every chance I get.  And if you see your art, I'd love you to leave a comment and tell everyone about it!

So amazing and so fun! 

There are so many stories here - including the picture frame!

Such happy, warm little needle felted fuzzies!

Li'l Cat Stevens was a joint international effort by five amazing needle felters.


  1. I love the way you have displayed all your "Felted treasures" and beyond. You are right it is fun to receive Felties from around the world. The stories are priceless. I made Kay "Miss Bea" A Rock Head paperweight and a picture frame from our barn wood. Thanks again for bringing the Felting world into my life. :-)

  2. I am so happy about you. You are a good person and so you have all this treasures. I am happy that you have one my. Thank for show them. I am sure you came make a museum of needle felting. Thank for all. Asun

  3. Without you, I wouldn`t have started with needle felting ,Kay. Without you I wouldn`t have found some wonderful international friends in the internet. You have given sooooo much to all of us. We get inspired by your one of a kind art and way of teaching. So sending you little presents is a way to say THANK YOU, Kay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm Happy to join this beautiful site. You are not only the better teacher someone can have, you are one of the most generous person I ever met. I'm very proud to be your friend. I never thought it when I began into this world by the hand of your videos some years ago. I'm so glad seeing all your treasures in the pictures and I'm very honored to form a "tiny" part of them. Thanks so much for your incondicional friendship. Lots of love,Kay. You deserve all the best!


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