New Release! Felt Alive Needle Felted DROITS Video Workshop

Meet the Droits!


Now you can learn how to make fun little needle felted creatures that I call Droits in my new 5 hour video workshop available on DVD or watch online!

He loves Flowers!!
Can you make us hats?
from the Pixie Patch
Felt Alive Droits came to be after I discovered adorable elfin creatures on Flickr made from polymer clay.  I had one of those aha moments that only other needle felters understand "I have to needle felt that!" and stayed up all night and made this sweet little thing out of core wool batting.  The overall effect is much different than the Pixies that inspired me mainly because of the lifelike qualities of the wool.  This little fella felt almost like a little pet and I was in love and I had to make more - but in more colors!  I envisioned these little characters in every color of the rainbow.

Oh no!!I caught you!!The next Droit was red.  This little guy has such a sweet, yet devilish personality - and the wool just did that, I didn't intentionally give him such a look - it just happened.  Then very dark one appeared and next a Green one, then an old and Gray one.

Group Shot - Needle Felted Droits

A friend came over an took one look at this little family of characters and said one thing - He said "Droits" and the moniker stuck.  They are Droits and they are fun to have around.

Each time my friend would visit he would sneak into my studio and gather the Droits and hide them around my house.  They can hang from a lamp shade or a curtain rod, they can hide in a coffee cup in the kitchen cabinet and they love to hide in the bathroom too.

Chloe and the Droits

Kid's love 'em!  My little niece, Chloe, made a Droit house!

And Droits simply love to play outside!

Don't Fall!!

Needle Felted Droits are solid needle felted wool - they stand on their own and have a very natural range of motion without the use of wire armatures. 

This fun workshop is 5 hours long and is a great way to learn needle felting!  
available on DVD or watch online!