Happy Father's Day!

I can't pick up the phone to call my Dad but I can dedicate this post to my dear ol' Dad. Cancer took him from this world 5 years ago but I feel him with me every day. He passed away while I was going through my own cancer ordeal yet he still continued to look after his little girl. His life insurance afforded me the ability to seek out the best treatment in the world for my very rare form of salivary cancer. I felt him with me every step of the way. My doctors said I got through the grueling treatment better than any patient they had ever had.

My Dad had a great sense of humor - dry and witty - and he was the most intelligent man I have ever met. While I can't say I inherited his IQ, I can say I inherited his sense of humor. It got me through my illness and it drives my creativity. Dad never saw my needle felted dolls but I know he would have been my biggest fan. And it's not a coincidence that I see his eyes in nearly every doll I make. He is with me on this Father's Day and every day.

Dad's 70th birthday. That's him on the cake.

Dad loved to fish - especially for King Salmon!

We said goodbye to Dad in a fitting tribute.

His first born son and first born daughter (Mark and Keri) had the honor of filling his last request - that his ashes be set free in Quillian Bay in Alaska's Prince William Sound.

Here is his family as we watched his ashes swim free in the Sound he loved so much.

Quillian Bay, Prince William Sound, Alaska.

And is it a coincidence that I am in Montana on Father's Day? Dad loved Montana - 4 out of his 5 kids were born here (including myself) while he worked for the US Customs Service as a border patrol agent. His work brought his family further north to Alaska when I was just small but being in Montana makes me realize why Dad loved it here.

So Dad, Happy Father's Day. Thanks for being the best Dad a girl could get. I love you!!


  1. I feel the same about mine... Ditto !
    Great tribute X X X

  2. very special....he must have loved you dearly and have been such a special man.

  3. What a beautiful tribute of love to your father!


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