New Online Needle Felting Video Workshop

is finally LIVE for online viewing on my new website!

Felt Alive Pups are so fun and easy to create and no two are ever alike. Follow the same instructions 10 times and you will have 10 unique pups. These needle felted pups can flex and move much like a real dog.


They always spring back to the position they were created in, making them very fun to play with. And rather than breed specifics, we focus on fun!

I share simple tricks to bring out unique character and expressions and many of the same joint making techniques I use in all of my needle felted dolls.

It's a whole bunch of fun to Felt Alive and I hope to see these funny little PUPS coming to life in wool all over the world!

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  1. I LOVE these little pups.Love the one rolling over laughing(that's what it looks like to me!!). I just love the needlefelting. I love the scrunch, crunch sound of the needles, and how a hank of wool can soon become a little character.

  2. i love wool felt


  3. must have taken lot of time

  4. Thanks Judy and wool felt & felt!


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