Li'l Conan got TOTALLY Blogged

I just love it when I discover my dolls making appearances in blogs - especially outside of the realm of felting and doll making. What a fun way to introduce needle felting to the world!

I Googled "Needle Felted" the other day for the fun of it and was very thrilled to stumble into a Geek and Gadget blog that had an amazing article about my dolls - in particular - My Li'l Conan.

I don't really know exactly what all the code for tweets shares and diggs mean, but I think it means that Li'l Conan is being passed around a bit in the blogosphere. Who knows, Li'l Conan may soon be discovered!


  1. I am not surprised that your work gets featured, it is amazing.
    I have awarded your blog for the sunshine blog award and linked to your blog.
    Here is the link:

  2. Congrats, I agree that it's not surprising that you're getting the attention for you wonderful characters...but it's always nice! :)

  3. hello there, i’ve nominated you as one of my sunshine bloggers so please accept this sunshine blog award for positivity and creativity :)

    You can find out more at my blog

  4. Yes your works are fantastic! Must take a long time to complete one and a lot of patience :D

  5. Oh my goodness! The beatles! I was googling felt animals and crafts and found your website. These dolls are so amazing!
    Are you ever coming to the Washington DC or Maryland area?
    Yay to sculptors,


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