Spock - Needle Felted

Admiral Spock - Needle Felted, originally uploaded by feltalive.

He was quite fun! Those eyebrows and hair were fun but it was the mouth that was so crucial to get right. I'm in love with my Li'l Spock!


  1. I love him, you did an awesome job of making him look so much like him. I am a bit of a trecky fan, not so much the old one now but all the new ones. You'll have to make Nelix, he's so nice lol

  2. This is too coincidental!

    I was looking at your page to discover you also live in Alaska...

    When I got the idea to perhaps try to create a felted Spock...

    To find you had already created him! This is too amazing!

    I love your work!

  3. Hallo :) Your Spock is so great! and so is the rest of your work too !!!


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