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You're Felted!

A Wonderful World

Some Felt Alive Holiday Cheer!!!

Felt Alive 2010 Calendar is now available at

Inspiration for Felt Makers

My New DVD Video Workshop!

Spock - Needle Felted

Daisy - A Felt Alive Needle Felted Doll

Will Ferrell - ELF!

I Pity the Fool! Mr. T - needle felted

Li'l Travolta Sightseeing in Alaska

Bald Eagle Hunting the Shoreline

The Man in Black needle felted wool


I Felt The Stars

Li'l Elvis in needle felted wool

Lil Marylin Monroe in needle felted wool

Li'l Bob Dylan in needle felted wool

Li'l Conan's Alaskan Ice Fishing Adventures

Is it ok to brag?

Felt Alive Heads Rolling

Li'l Elton John Needle Felted Wool Doll

Felt Alive Music Video

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Willie Nelson coming to life in Needle Felted Wool

Happy Felting in 2009!!

Conan O'Brien - Needle Felted Wool