Superman Underoos??

I just can't help it - these two crazy kids just showed up on my felting pad. I do find it unusual how this old man bears an uncanny resemblance to my late father. I didn't mean for there to be any resemblance but it is striking. My four year old niece who only remembers him from pictures took one look at this guy and said - "Oh - that's my Grandpa Vern" I know it would just crack my dad up so the name stuck!

Dad had a great sense of humor and would love the fact that he gets to wear Superman Underoos.

I don't know, however, if he would appreciate the fact that his girlfriend resembles his late mother (again - not my fault!)

I really don't have any plans when I start needle felting a doll. Funny things always happen which might explain my addiction to this craft.

I made a little video show of Grandpa Vern and his gal enjoying a little music. (Music is "Boogie" by John Hartford)


  1. i laughed til i had tears running down my face. ESP. after your saying that these resemble FAMILY members! aieeee!

    and then i had to wonder what's under those Superman briefs. . . .


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